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Maintaining and operating a social media presence is an essential tool in marketing your brand and organisation in today's digital world. 99% of people aged 16-44 in the UK are online and 71% of people in the UK are on social media. This equates to over 50 million people! If you aren't online and using effective targeting, you're missing an abundance of opportunities to engage with your customers.  However, it can be a laborious task - especially when you have more important things to do.

At MDM, we work on the values of Strategy, Implementation, Optimisation & Evaluation.


We work with you to understand who your key stakeholders are, where they are positioning themselves online and how you can best reach them. We thoroughly plan your campaigns with you to ensure that all persons involved know what they are doing and when. It is crucial that you are involved at this stage, as you know your industry better than we do.

If you don't have an existing presence on social media platforms, we can set these up for you.



We provide videography, photography and graphic design services to ensure we are providing the most engaging content for your target audience. We will look at key times of the day and week to post and can use paid for targeting to get your content in front of the right people. We can advise which platforms are best to post on and what types of post work best for different audiences.



It isn't enough to just post to social media and cross your fingers. Posts need to be optimised to ensure they are performing effectively and giving you a worthwhile ROI. We are able to examine the data linked to your posts and edit them as necessary.

We will optimise your social media channels with custom graphics to ensure your brand and organisation are as strong as possible and stand out from your competition.



After each campaign or series of posts, we evaluate the effectiveness of the content and audience engagement and ensure that what we have learnt is used to further optimise future content. These data reports can be shared with you so that you can see how effective your investment has been. 

If there's one thing we know from experience it's that every business and organisation requires a bespoke package - there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach which will effectively work for you. Because of this, we don't offer a 'package' system. Instead, we work with you and your budget to provide bespoke, competitive and cost-effective solutions.