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Stop wasting time and resources!

Our innovative Almost-Paperless Prospectus and associated video cuts through the clutter, engaging parents and your community in a way traditional print can't.


The (Almost) Paperless Prospectus - What Is It?

Prospectus Example 1.png
Prospectus Example 2.png

The (Almost) Paperless Prospectus offers an exciting and innovative new approach to marketing your school.

The traditional school prospectus is a lengthy, glossy booklet, crammed full of information and designed to visually impress in the school foyer. Yet in most cases, one school’s prospectus will say much the same thing as another’s – and very few are ever read fully.

At Mitchell Digital Media, we have devised a way to replace the traditional prospectus with something far more meaningful, accessible – and environmentally friendly.

  • We condense the key information from your existing prospectus onto a single, double-sided sheet of high-quality A4 paper.

  • A QR code leads prospective parents and students to a video prospectus – and this is where you get to really show off your school, in a way which is far more accessible and engaging than simply handing out a lengthy booklet.

  • What’s more, we will keep your film's timeline 'live' so you can make updates as and when you please; your high-quality video will never go out of date. New headteacher? No problem – we will simply re-film and replace their parts - saving you thousands of pounds in reprinting costs. If you are already on contract with MDM, this element of the service is completely free; for non-contract clients, the cost of maintaining the live timeline is £75.00 per year and re-filming is provided at a heavily reduced rate.


According to Hubspot, video offers the highest return-on-investment when compared to other types of media. With people watching an average of 17 hours of online video content per week, it’s time to challenge the traditional norms and move with the times! 

Example above is a concept prospectus.

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 15.08.37.png

Be among the first school leaders to receive it and:

  • Save on printing costs long-term.

  • Deliver a clear and engaging message.

  • Streamline communication for busy parents. 

Sign up today and unlock the future of school communications

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