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This service is designed for schools that have the provision to deliver their own social media strategy, but require training to ensure they are delivering the best quality content to your community, maximising engagement and remaining safe and compliant.

Post-It Meeting

Staff members undertaking this training will be expected to have some prior knowledge of social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...


The training covers:

  • Identifying the school's branding and brand tone

  • Creating your own social media strategy for the school year

  • Types of posts

  • What to post - creating engaging content

  • When to post

  • Understanding your audience and where to find them

  • Safeguarding your students

  • Handling difficult responses on social media

  • Understanding Meta Business Suite

  • Paid-for ads and when to use them

  • Understanding your analytics and utilising the data

  • Taking photos using a mobile device

  • Taking video using a mobile device

  • Using Canva and making the most of its features

  • Images & music - where to find them and copyright protection


We will also:

  • Create six custom branded frames to use within Canva

  • Deliver a processes checklist

  • Provide a Dos and Don’ts checklist

Media Training

The training can be delivered one-on-one or in groups of up to 10 people.

Attendees will require access to laptop/computer and the internet. 

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